ALICE IN CHAINS - Live - Facelift

ALICE IN CHAINS - Live - Facelift

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2016 Columbia/Legacy 88985374931
Sony Music 88985374931
Made i the EU
150 Gram Vinyl LP
Limited Edition, Numbered, 5000 Copies ww

Unavailable on vinyl until now, Alice In Chains' Live Facelift captures the American grunge-rock powerhouse--Layne Staley (lead vocals), Jerry Cantrell (guitar, backing vocals), Mike Starr (bass), Sean Kinney (drums, percussion, backing vocals)--at the peak of the band's powers at a mythic show recorded live at The Moore Theatre in Seattle on December 22, 1990.
Track List
SIDE A - 01. "It Ain't Like That" 02. "Man In The Box" 03. "Real Thing"
SIDE B - 04. "Love, Hate, Love" 05. "Sea of Sorrw" 06. "Bleed The Freak"
RSD 2016